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Our Story


Dada's Plant-Based is a 100% vegan concept designed by Owner & Chef, David Hoang. After switching over to a meat-less diet in 2018, he soon realized how difficult it can be to give up the meals you grew up with. One of his favorite things to eat was a well-made cheeseburger, and I mean c'mon now, who doesn't ever crave such an American classic? So to bring these traditional flavors back, he sought out to open the very first plant-based burger restaurant in West Seattle!

Utilizing his culinary passion and expertise, Chef David has created a menu that is inspired by true American favorites. These recipes will not only resemble classic meals we all know to love, but are also handcrafted to perfection!

Using only high-quality ingredients and the latest plant-based alternatives, our burgers resemble the taste, look, and nostalgia that follows when enjoying an exceptional burger.

Thank you for all your support. We look forward to serving you soon!

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